1. tanman266

    1st Build Scout/Jun build

    I’ve been 3D printing a little bit before taking on this project, practicing with things from Destiny 2, a ghost, hand canon and sniper rifle. I have already finished the helmet and plan to work my way down from shoulders, to legs, and then chest. Here is the final result of the helmet...
  2. Found another Halo Cosplayer!

    Found another Halo Cosplayer!

    Hanging out at Emerald City Comic Con with another Halo cosplayer!
  3. My ODST Scout posing with scenery

    My ODST Scout posing with scenery

    Found a little scene at Emerald City Comic Con
  4. ODST standing idle

    ODST standing idle

    My ODST Scout Armor at Emerald City Comic Con
  5. IMG_4096.JPG


    Emerald City Comic Con, ODST armor
  6. IMG_4116.JPG


    Emerald City Comic Con - Chilling with the Mandalorian
  7. BeardlessDwarf

    (I'm a noob here) Any Pepakura files for the Sarah Palmer scout helmet?

    I've searched all the archives and all over the internet, and I can't seem to find a file for the scout helmet that isn't outdated. Any help? I'm also new to Pepakura, this is my first build. I could also use some help in how to make it more durable. I've seen helmets that use fiberglass to...
  8. foxman45

    Sarah Palmer Armor male build?

    Hello, I have been finding lots of files of Sarah Palmer's scout armor and I love the look for it but my general question was does the chest piece look too feminine for a male to wear? I think there is extruded parts for the breasts but I didn't know if it would work well on a man. (Photo from...
  9. MeasuringWriter

    3D-Printed Halo 4 Multiplayer Build

    Hello there! Long time lurker, checking in and finally making a build thread. For a long time, I’ve wanted to build a Spartan-IV. Now that my foam Mk.V(B) is finally showing its age and with the recent acquisition of a 3D printer, I figured its time to upgrade. The goal of this build is to...
  10. Tru3Shot

    My First pepakura helmet

    I have been in the 405th for a couple of weeks silent and have never built a Pepakura helmet, I've decided to take a stab at it and see how it goes! I'm going to build a halo 3 scout helmet. I'll update the thread as I go through the helmet. I also might be doing some 3D printing of other...
  11. Drakee

    RvB Felix Build

    Ok so I actually built a scout helmet for the fun of it back in February last year Then late 2017 I got the idea heck why not use it for a Felix cosplay Bodysuit and pouches arrived! Con photos Thanks for checking out my build :D A big thanks to...
  12. D

    Foam Build Assistance Request

    Howdy y'all, Im am trying to build a set of scout armor from halo 4/5. I have already gotten the peppakura file for halo 4, however it has taken a crap load of time just to glue the assets for the chest piece together. Unfortunately I don't have that much free time to do this. I heard it was...