1. Freak4potter

    Seams fail Eva foam

    Hello! So I followed my oldest spawns idea of sealing with plasti dip on my EVA foam armor for my cosplay of Scrapper 142. I started with it and wasn’t to pleased and pulled it off the seams... I sanded and filed with Keli seal, and then mod podged... thought that would hide the I...
  2. OJ102

    Iron Man Mark 50 custom version

    Hey there, I thought id share a progression story of my first build. A mark 50 Iron Man suit. Its a thin shell design with a LOT of surface details to fight with. A year ago i started working with pepakura as a hobby after an opperation and for 9 months successfully failed to produce a single...
  3. OJ102

    Strengthening EVA Foam and making it seamless

    Hey there, Ive been working my way thought a lot of different techniques regarding building a costume, alas this has mainly been rebuilding the same parts with different methods, materials and designs, since im never totally happy with them so far, and thought maybe my standard is too high for...