sean bradley kit

  1. F1N13

    My First Post! Recon - ODST | Progress Build

    After watching Adam Savage, a lot, and going to Halo Outpost last year, I decided to give building my character a shot. I originally had a 3D printer, and was printing all of the armour pieces... until my printer started to act up, making it useless. I've been teeter tottering with the idea of...
  2. TheAstroBot

    I need some opinions... Refurbish or Start Over?

    So, I ended up picking up a Sean Bradley ODST Kit 'Bout a year ago- A lovely kit, wonderful quality.... Only, I, like an idiot, chose not to reinforce it in spite of my clumsy, accident prone, and hasty nature. Lo and behold, almost a full year later the suit is in less than ideal condition-...
  3. TheAstroBot

    [PICTURE HEAVY] Sean Bradley ODST Kit Build (First Halo Cosplay!)

    Hey guys! So, let me preface this with a few things: 1) I'm far from an experienced Cosplayer- And this is actually the first kit I've ever done. 2) I ended up changing a few of the designs and choices made by the original prop maker, due to either experience, available resources, or other...