1. Spiderboy196

    Halo Infinite MK7 ODST/Security

    This is just a place holder im doing since seeing the new halo infinite multiplayer demo today with 405th members. Since we still waiting on a guide and more info of the different armor pieces, i would like to start planning ahead with a halo infinite odst(potential security) when build.
  2. Benton188

    Foam Reach Security Suit. (Quest for the Best)

    I've had my white and yellow suit for some time now, built it back in 2016, and since I've had it I've gone through 2 helmets, 2 sets of thighs, 3 cod pieces, and various other pieces. Looking at you shin pieces that need fixed every time :mad:. But now after the release of Halo Reach on MCC...
  3. Spiderboy196

    Next lvl cosplay. H5G/Infinite Security Spartan 4 WIP

    In honor of xbox of showing us soon to be gameplay of halo infinte, i decided to start work on another spartan that best fits my style and occupation: the security armor from h5g. I have photos of the already scaled and ready to print and transfer to foam of the armor.