1. CplYapFlip

    Critical Role: Nott the Brave

    If somehow, you've avoided Critical Role in the time it has been around, I full-heartedly suggest checking it out. I put it off for a while but it was a big part of my quarantine life in the first round. To date, I've got to episode 81 out of 123 (I was actually quite close to catching up as...
  2. Rosebud

    Operation Mini-Spartans (Plush Edition)

    This entire project was started by me needing to make Christmas presents: Let me explain. I've always like small things like dolls, action figures, lego figures, etc. When Christmas came around I had been thinking about making felt dolls and finally decided to make one for a friend I would be...
  3. MunsterMahkus

    Dark Phoenix Cyclops

    Hey everyone! So after seeing the new trailer I instantly loved their new suits and thought this would be a good build to do that did not deal with armor. First thing to do is find a pattern. It seems an athletic tracksuit jacket seems to be the closest that resembles this suit. Decided to...
  4. StarWolfStudios

    Halo Legends: Dr. Halsey (Cosplanning and Progress)

    Hey everyone! I'm very new to Halo Cosplay, so I figured I would want to start with something relatively easy and comfortable to wear. BUT, I also wanted something equally eye-catching and cool. I have heard that "soft suit" characters are rarely seen in this cosplaying community, Halsey being...
  5. mblackwell1002

    Blackwell's Destiny Warlock build log

    Hi guys and gals of the 405th! I've been behind the curtain for a little while when it comes to my projects, and my mysteriousness shall be explained via this build thread. Yes, I know what most of you are probably thinking: "Hey, what's he doing this time, doesn't he have his MC suit to work...
  6. Electraknite

    Soft Parts Halo Reach Noble 6 custom undersuit

    Hello, Im keeping this thread to just the undersuit. I do plan on making the armor, i just don't know how long it will take me between the two. Here is the plan.. sort of. this thing may or may not end up looking rather modified. Whats happened so far: I made the pattern. I started with...