1. LockedProps

    Halo 3: Shipmaster (Half Jaw) Build W.I.P!!

    Hello all! There's an Elite sized hole in my heart, so today marks day one of filling it! I plan to complete The Shipmaster (his name is Rtas Vadum so lets go with that from now on) by February 2018 just in time for RTX Sydney. Thanks for looking, I'll be updating this thread regularly over...
  2. The Universe

    HALO SPACESHIPS, 3D printing all kinds of ships in the Halo array

    Hello Halo Fans! Do you have a passion for the spaceships in Halo then this is the right place. on this thread we discuss the construction of covenant and UNSC Ships. I personally am working on the CAS Shadow of intent and her surrounding fleet {scale 1 to 5346}. Feel free to join our...