1. KaeSpoon

    Need advice for fitting Halo armor on shorter people.

    (I hope I am posting in the right thead) Greetings 405thers! I am here simply to ask for some advice. I have been starting to work on a Halo MK V cosplay, something I've wanted to do for years- here's the problem: I'm 5'1-5'2. (Female, of course.) My head is around 22' around and I'm about...
  2. 5trangerte

    Floating Faces

    Hi there question, do floating faces affect the scale size in Pepakura Designer 3? Meaning if I scaled the helmet to my head size, would it be smaller, becuase the floating face is actually considered the top?? I'm currently trying to scale a Halo 4 Hazop Helmet, (link to the download Halo 4 -...
  3. AnkleBreaker

    Sizing and proportioning help

    Im new to building and am going to be using pep to build, I ve made a handplate and forearm piece a while back but when I was looking and fitting it, the sizing seemed off , before i start with a big build I was wondering if theres a tutorial video or a diagram that'd help for scaling the armor...