1. Shadow the ODST

    moded dft odst smg wip/holo sight housing material help

    I have been working on making andrew dft's smg which I have modded to have a collapsible stock, foldable foregrip, removable magazine, removable suppressor and other added details to make it more in game accurate and I am currently stuck on the holo sight housing as I have tried using eva foam...
  2. quick221

    Props Toy MP7 Conversion to M7 SMG

    Obligatory Greetings, compatriots. I've been working on other assorted bits and pieces but this is the only thing I'm ready to show off as of yet. I've had this toy H&K MP7 (shown below) for months, I had plans to repaint and weather it but I never got to that point. Anyways, I sorta decided on...
  3. BuRnItWiThFiRe117

    M7 Airsoft Project (ongoing)

    Hello there, been a while since I've poked my head in here. For the longest while I've wanted a Halo airsoft gun. It's unusually rare to see them online, though they do crop up here and there. Often they're not full replicas, but more "themed" weapons due to it often being awkward to bend real...