sniper rifle

  1. Cartographer

    Full scale Halo 4(ish) sniper build

    Let this be the start of my journey to re-build my sniper rife. note: 3D prints do NOT survive in hot cars, ask me how I know. Here is the original in all it's glory, it served me well for ~4 years until the sun ended it's run. Fortunately for me I still have all of the 3D files. Unfortunately...
  2. CherriDragon

    Halo: Infinite Sniper Rifle

    It been a minute but I'm here with a post about Halo Infinite Sniper Rifle I'm 3D printing. I currently have Part 1 of 5 aka the Barrel of the gun and I've already (Very loosely) put it together. I've also split up all the rest of the files so they fit the build plate and I can have my printer...
  3. RadMax117

    Props Halo 4/5 sniper rifle

    Made this prop in 2017 so I don’t have many work in progress pics. Made with eva foam and a wood core for rigidity, and sturdy enough to be a walking stick when I’m tired of carrying it at cons! It’s not very heavy but since it’s so big it does after a while. 4.5 ft long. Scope is see through...
  4. TheRealVictor

    01) WIP: Home Made Foam Halo 3 SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle

    Hey Guys! I have no idea how these threads work but hopefully I can manage. Anyway, Here I will post my steps/ progress towards my very own prop sniper. I studied the rifle in forge mode and made sketches/designs in my sketchbook. The "base" rifle is just 2 pvc pipes and 3 layers of 1/2" eva...
  5. skyranger72

    Halo 5 Snipers Foam

    These are my two Halo 5 snipers built using Andrew DFTs templates. These were built over a year ago. These guys have working mags also! They are very much not my best, however, I still wanted to show you everything!
  6. FoamAndFoundry

    Halo: Combat Evolved Sniper Rifle (SRS-99C)

    This is a model I made of the Halo CE sniper rifle using SketchUp; it can be found on Thingiverse for 3D-printing. The model was made over the course of a weekend, with a few minor fixes afterward. It is designed to break down into sections (Upper Receiver, Lower Receiver, Barrel, Magazine) that...
  7. Dirtdives2424

    System 99-S5 Sniper Rifle

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! Another build being started by if I didn't have enough on my plate. Well, This is one that is going to take a while since I'm still building my Argus suit and also deciding on the type of material I'm going to use.......AND........ I still have other things on the...
  8. Sean Anwalt

    Props Lookit what I found!

    Was down in the *furnace* room last night. AND THEN I FOUND THIS! It's wonky and lopsided and the barrel hole is crooked and it's 3 years old, but MAN has it got potential! Which is kind of too bad, I wanted an assault rifle, but we take what we can get in the SPARTAN Corp. The assault...
  9. TillXValhalla

    Feet first!

    So ive done a few builds before. My first one was a Halo 3 ODST. It was rather lack luster and was my first one for Stan Lee's Comikazi expo back in 2013, A space Marine from Warhammer 40k, and i have revisited the the ODST to give it the justice it deserved. Now im looking to upgrade a bit...
  10. mblackwell1002

    H5 sniper rifle 3D modeling log - mblackwell1002

    Hello ladies and gentle-Spartans! Welcome to mblackwell1002's Halo 5 Sniper Rifle build log! In this thread, I will be modeling a high-resolution 3D model which will eventually be released for FREE to the public. This is a personal undertaking of mine, and I hope you all enjoy the process! Feel...