sniper rifle

  1. TheRealVictor

    01) WIP: Home Made Foam Halo 3 SRS99D-S2 AM Sniper Rifle

    Hey Guys! I have no idea how these threads work but hopefully I can manage. Anyway, Here I will post my steps/ progress towards my very own prop sniper. I studied the rifle in forge mode and made sketches/designs in my sketchbook. The "base" rifle is just 2 pvc pipes and 3 layers of 1/2" eva...
  2. Ean Evans

    Halo 5 Snipers Foam

    These are my two Halo 5 snipers built using Andrew DFTs templates. These were built over a year ago. These guys have working mags also! They are very much not my best, however, I still wanted to show you everything!
  3. FoamAndFoundry

    Halo: Combat Evolved Sniper Rifle (SRS-99C)

    This is a model I made of the Halo CE sniper rifle using SketchUp; it can be found on Thingiverse for 3D-printing. The model was made over the course of a weekend, with a few minor fixes afterward. It is designed to break down into sections (Upper Receiver, Lower Receiver, Barrel, Magazine) that...
  4. Dirtdives2424

    System 99-S5 Sniper Rifle

    OH MY GOD!!!!!! Another build being started by if I didn't have enough on my plate. Well, This is one that is going to take a while since I'm still building my Argus suit and also deciding on the type of material I'm going to use.......AND........ I still have other things on the...
  5. Sean Anwalt

    Props Lookit what I found!

    Was down in the *furnace* room last night. AND THEN I FOUND THIS! It's wonky and lopsided and the barrel hole is crooked and it's 3 years old, but MAN has it got potential! Which is kind of too bad, I wanted an assault rifle, but we take what we can get in the SPARTAN Corp. The assault...
  6. TillXValhalla

    Feet first!

    So ive done a few builds before. My first one was a Halo 3 ODST. It was rather lack luster and was my first one for Stan Lee's Comikazi expo back in 2013, A space Marine from Warhammer 40k, and i have revisited the the ODST to give it the justice it deserved. Now im looking to upgrade a bit...
  7. mblackwell1002

    H5 sniper rifle 3D modeling log - mblackwell1002

    Hello ladies and gentle-Spartans! Welcome to mblackwell1002's Halo 5 Sniper Rifle build log! In this thread, I will be modeling a high-resolution 3D model which will eventually be released for FREE to the public. This is a personal undertaking of mine, and I hope you all enjoy the process! Feel...