1. WhenInMaine

    My HD Modular ODST Build. (3D printing/Sewing/CAD)

    Hey 405th team! Its been a shockingly long time since I have uploaded anything onto the forum, but here I am, trying to change that! Long story short, I have finished the first iteration of this suit, (Thanks to everyone following it on facebook and Instagram), but its a really long build, and...
  2. Rosebud

    Operation Mini-Spartans (Plush Edition)

    This entire project was started by me needing to make Christmas presents: Let me explain. I've always like small things like dolls, action figures, lego figures, etc. When Christmas came around I had been thinking about making felt dolls and finally decided to make one for a friend I would be...
  3. HudsonForge

    Foam [FINISHED] Halo 5 MC foam speedbuild!

    UPDATE: All finished! The undersuit needs work and some straps but I'm not wearing this set out any time soon so I'm in no hurry. Just glad the armor itself is made. I took a small break during the holidays and made very little progress, then finished the set off recently. All in all this...