1. Spiderboy196

    We are the salamanders, we burn the heretics in the emperor's name

    While I have tyranid on the backburner(on hold till I get much more supplies), I'm gonna do my first ever warhammer 40k space marine(specifically the salamander chapter). I will post as I make/craft the different pieces of said Suit and hope u guys follow along and maybe give me input as I go...
  2. Adeptmechanicus

    Warhammer 40k apothecary Terminator build

    Greetings to all on the 405th, I've been poking around here for awhile looking at the fantastic stuff you guys and gals make here. I recognize a few names from over on therpf site and figured I'd make a thread. This was a year and a half build that I had a blast making. He's made of EVA foam...