spartan 4

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    Foam Can anyone recommend a good spartan 4 armor tutorial? Plus newbie advice

    I'm new to the group and halo has Been on my list of builds for a while. Still have another kit i want to do (Mando) before starting a halo kit Trying to put together resources. I was skeptical about doing a spartan, I'm 5'4 and it'd be hard to pull off. Was originally going to build either a...
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    Halo 5 Recluse

    Spartans and Helljumpers, As I finish my favorite toy in Halo 5, the Hydra (build log in signature). I began construction on my Spartan to go with it. After an insane amount of deliberation (it really is an existential crisis). I decided to go with my multiplayer spartan from Halo 5, the...