spartan 4

  1. Tui

    1st Build Halo C.E to Infinite multiplayer helmet builds

    I'm planning on making all of my multiplayer helmets from C.E through Infinite after recently purchasing a 3d Printer. This will be the third time attempting to recreate my multiplayer Spartan's helmet thoug hmy first with a 3d printer. I'm not terrible at 3d moddelling but to make it easier I...
  2. Jerverant

    Foam Jerverant's MkVII · Anubis

    Hi everyone! I've been thinking on building a MkVII armor since Halo Infinite came out, and with all the "Halo The Series" hype, I've decided to start my armor. It'll be a slow process, my goal is to finish it by december (for the 405th Regimiento de México reunion). For now, I'll be working...
  3. Tru3Shot

    1st Build My first 3D printed Spartan build!

    Hi Guys, You may have met me as I am active in the 405th Discord server, I‘ve been in the 405th for I’d say over a year now, I love see’ing full sets of Mjolnir armour, So I’ve decided to make my own! I’ve tried foam and pepakura, but was never really able to get the hang of it, In the future...
  4. Spiderboy196

    H5 Helljumper Romeo and H5 Valkyrie

    This is gonna be the start of me doing TWO armor builds: Halo 3 ODST romeo in h5 helljumper armor and h5 valkyrie for a close friend of mine.
  5. C

    Foam Can anyone recommend a good spartan 4 armor tutorial? Plus newbie advice

    I'm new to the group and halo has Been on my list of builds for a while. Still have another kit i want to do (Mando) before starting a halo kit Trying to put together resources. I was skeptical about doing a spartan, I'm 5'4 and it'd be hard to pull off. Was originally going to build either a...
  6. Alpha

    Halo 5 Recluse

    Spartans and Helljumpers, As I finish my favorite toy in Halo 5, the Hydra (build log in signature). I began construction on my Spartan to go with it. After an insane amount of deliberation (it really is an existential crisis). I decided to go with my multiplayer spartan from Halo 5, the...