spartan armor

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  4. Spartan Lady

    Spartan Lady

  5. UNSC1991I

    First timer tips and budgeting for creating spartan armor 2022

    I have sort of a creative armor idea in mind for my cosplay from the pics below: My idea is to mix these pictures with a mixture of a specific halo reach EOD helmet, a T-800 chest plate over Halo: Infinite Spartan suit, teal, white, black orange colors, and a shark emblem as a final touch to...
  6. Freddo2025

    What size 3d printer to get?

    It's my first time seriously getting into building my own spartan, and I'm wondering on what size 3d printer I'd need for armor for my 5'6 self. Can someone do the math and let me know? Thanks
  7. SgtSaint

    First {Halo} build - Spartan (TV series)

    Never played the game so I'm going to do a TV series build as my first Spartan. I'll try to keep this thread updated. Character: I never cosplay an existing character. I prefer to be myself in that universe/franchise. As I'm ex-army signal corp, I'll probably do something along the lines of...
  8. ItSpartan116

    Project Hyper V2 WIP and Bi-Weekly Update

    This is my second version of my fully 3D printed MK6 Spartan Armor from Halo 3. The first version was a failure do to Covid-19 so I am remaking and updating design on the second version. I am going to do bi-weekly update.
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  10. Callmecowboy93

    My first Spartan lll

    It took a very long time, years really, for me to start and finish a spartan. It's a mix of EVA and 3D printed, and a mix of different Mjolnir armors and I have a lot of work to do still, but I'm pretty proud of myself so here it goes!
  11. Harri51

    Foam Halo Reach Commission build

    Okay, I've been wanting to post this for a while so here it is. I was approached in building a reach armor for Deadman627. I've been working on it and life really slowed me down. But, I am currently at the waist and I'll post that soon; enjoy the pics. I can honestly see why everyone loves to...
  12. C

    Foam Can anyone recommend a good spartan 4 armor tutorial? Plus newbie advice

    I'm new to the group and halo has Been on my list of builds for a while. Still have another kit i want to do (Mando) before starting a halo kit Trying to put together resources. I was skeptical about doing a spartan, I'm 5'4 and it'd be hard to pull off. Was originally going to build either a...
  13. Rock Lobbster

    Lobbster's Jorge Build (3d print and foam)

    That's right, I'm up to no good again and this time it's Jorge! I'm going to be primarily 3d printing Jorge's armor with foambuilt parts and undersuit. I also recently acquired a laser cutter so that will be used during this build! The deets: 7in tall stilts (Will make me about 6.5' tall)...
  14. ItSpartan116

    Project Downfall (Foam Mk 6 Spartan Armor Build)

    I got my marines armor finished and I'm going to start Halo 3 Mark 6 Spartan Armor for my next build to my halo collection. I will be trying to post a pic at the end of every week starting next week. I will start building a piece next week.
  15. Sentinel332

    SPARTAN-501 "Jordan" Build

    Hello everyone and welcome to the start of my journey. What journey you ask? The journey of making my first ever Spartan Suit out of EVA Foam. Not my first foam project so i have quite a bit of experience working with foam. Just got done with adjusting the individual armor pieces to my size and...
  16. zhanye

    some projects Im working on

    I've been working on a number of projects and heres some of them
  17. awildshannon

    Halo Reach Female Spartan

    Hey everyone! Im super new to this community! I stumbled upon the 405th when I decided to make my childhood dreams come true and make myself a set of halo armour. Hope you guys like it. I'm super proud of how it turned out. Enjoy! ____awildshannon <3
  18. Fisherk2

    My HeliosKrill Cosplay Progress (FOAM)

    Hola, aquí dejo todo mi progreso del armado del HeliosKrill con la combinación del casco Venator (No domino el ingles muy bien así es que el traductor me va hacer el esfuerzo de traducir todo :p)...
  19. M

    Clear (Camo) Armor Build. Has anyone done it?

    Greetings Spartans, My partner and I are planning to craft a H3 Mk VI armor, as the thread states, in clear "camo" style. I am making this thread to ask, has anyone crafted such a thing? We are interested in knowing what materials are recommended and techniques. Or if anyone else is interested...