spartan iii

  1. J

    First Build (Noob Level)

    Hello guys my name is Josh and im new here, ive been trying to get a noble 6 cosplay going and have hit issues with each time i have tried. ive tried pepakura and foam and either way i manage to mess something up. so i thought id put some posts on here to get some help from people to give me...
  2. PastaMasta9

    Spartan III Zeta - 909 "Artemis" (Custom Spartan Model)

    With my previous models up and completed I figured I show you all about my big project. Meet spartan Zeta-909. Full name: Angella Seraph Graves aka "Artemis" A skilled Spartan III with 4 years of spartan combat under her belt. enlisted into the spartan III program at the age of 17 (Lied about...
  3. L

    The first? SPI armor build

    So after I have been cleaning out my old stuff I found my old copy of Ghost of Onyx and after rereading it and watching headhunters I came to a decision, I want a set of SPI. After finding the best images I could find and I made some notes. The plan right now is to pep the helmet and then use...
  4. TurboCharizard

    Halo Reach Spartan III Soft Parts Reference

    In the Halo Museum there's a full scale statue of each of Noble Team which is awesome. Kat and Emile are in easily accessible locations to take photos of, Carter and Jun were in a no photos allowed section unfortunately and Jorge has so much armour that it wasn't worth taking pictures of his...
  5. MPlayer20

    My Halo: Reach Spartan (First costume ever)

    Greetings everyone. I will post the progress i make here and this is my first costume i make. Of course it's based of my Spartan from Halo: Reach which has ODST shoulders on both sides, UA Multi threat chest piece, ODST helmet, FJ Para knee guards and last but not least Softcase (utility) I...