spartan in training

  1. UNSC1991I

    First timer tips and budgeting for creating spartan armor 2022

    I have sort of a creative armor idea in mind for my cosplay from the pics below: My idea is to mix these pictures with a mixture of a specific halo reach EOD helmet, a T-800 chest plate over Halo: Infinite Spartan suit, teal, white, black orange colors, and a shark emblem as a final touch to...
  2. DannyPhantom

    Spartan in Training

    Hey, so as the title says im sorta new to all of this but I'm really considering on making my own armor suit. I've read some forums and kinda got a background idea of it all, but I could still use a lot of advice and guidance on what I should do and where to go for things. So I know to make a...