spartan iv

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  2. fridgeghost

    Copperhead-class Mjolnir armor - EVA foam project

    Hi, I'm fridgeghost and this is where my journey of building a Halo spartan armor begins. If you want to know more about me, check out the link to my introduction post. Let's talk crafting. Like I said in the headline, I want to make the Copperhead-class Mjolnir armor like it is worn by Olympia...
  3. Alpha

    Halo 5 Recluse

    Spartans and Helljumpers, As I finish my favorite toy in Halo 5, the Hydra (build log in signature). I began construction on my Spartan to go with it. After an insane amount of deliberation (it really is an existential crisis). I decided to go with my multiplayer spartan from Halo 5, the...