spartan laser

  1. Rock Lobbster

    Halo Reach Splazer Build (3d Print)

    Title says it all, I did a big dumb (depending how you look at it) and decided to print a splazer. It all started with the dang splazer... At first I wanted a H3 splazer. Printed 1 part and realized, hmm "this looks a bit small." Insert TurboCharizard with his reach splazer files. Might I add...
  2. The Apropalypse

    Halo 3 Spartan Laser (3D Printing)

    After building almost every unsc weapon at least once, its time for the spartan laser, got it fully 3d modeled and sliced, and the printing process begins now, going to be printing it all on 2 cr10 machines and using a steel emt tube for structural support, its the halo 3 variant... Will update...
  3. skyranger72

    2020 ODST Suit (DONE)

    After a few months, I have finished building my fourth ODST suit. This suit uses all Papakura templates. The helmet and shoulders are made of paper, and the rest is foam. This is my first time building foam armor off of pep. These are some of the photos of me and some of the cool people I met at...
  4. skyranger72

    Spartan Laser Foam Build DONE

    Hi everyone, I have decided to just make a new foam to show off some pictures of my finished spartan laser. The laser had only taken about 4 to 5 days to build (working around school and work). However, right in the end I had left it outside while the paint was drying only to have a light mist...
  5. skyranger72

    Foam H3 Spartan Laser

    Hey guys today I'm going to be showing you some of the pictures taking off my Instagram of my current weapon build. I have been eyeballing building a laser for a while because it is a unique looking weapon and I have not seen a lot of people building foam ones. This is made out of installation...