1. MonsterChief639

    Halo Reach Spartan Build

    Started my first 3D printed suit a couple days ago and this is the progress so far
  2. HaloReach1827

    Halo Reach Noble Six Replica cosplay

    Hey guys! I'm new to Halo Cosplay but have an undying love for Halo Reach and Noble six! I'm planning to make a cosplay for the character but need help and pointers so I don't screw up. I'm looking into more of a pepakura process with bondo and fiber glass but i need more info regarding that...
  3. mardJaderp

    Pepakura H:R MJOLNIR Cosplay

    I really want the ODST cosplay (Pepakura - H2A ODST Cosplay) to come to fruition, but its going to take awhile to set up all the files. As a backup plan, I shall work on a set of MJOLNIR armor from Reach. Luckily, unlike the ODST armor, there are files for all the pieces within 405th and out. So...
  4. Yinyangyoyo1

    First Build 3D print ODST Parts

    Hey all, this is officially my first thread and also my 3rd attempt at getting into building a costume. I tried pepakura and EVA foam but both times I lost my patience with the learning curve with the skills needed. Right now I am currently working on a full Reach armor set and will be going the...
  5. Rootbeer

    Halo 3 models?

    Hi all, I am looking to see if anyone has any halo 3 spartan models ripped, I am looking to print out some parts for a project that I am working on. I am sure some of you do not agree with ripping files from games but this would be the only way to move forward in this project. If anyone has this...
  6. Mysticporo

    A New Spartan in Town. (Updating Progress)

    So Hiya! Guess I’ll start with an Introduction my name Mysticporo people usally shorten it to Mystic or Poro whatever people decide is fine with me, Anyhow I'm a Fan of Halo as many of you are, I usually run around Virtual Reality as a Spartan and well for some reason I don't feel like myself if...
  7. Spartan J114

    Spartan 114's Mjolnir MK V Armour

    How's it going everyone. I'm Spartan 114 and I've been a Halo cosplayer/prop maker for about 3 years now and I've been using the 405th website for most of my journey. I never posted anything because of my lack of quality camera, I have recently replaced my old phone with a new one and as such I...
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  10. Off duty

    Off duty

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  14. Marissa2001

    1st Build Halo 4 Recon Build

    Working on my first build! Only have the helmet partially done so far and have to wait till I can get Eva foam to start the armor
  15. Rock Lobbster

    Lobbster's Reach Build

    Edit: Main build is now complete! I decided to do a fun quarantine project with the 144 sq ft of harbor freight I happened to have sitting around so my custom spartan was born! Playing Reach on PC again really brought back the desire to be my own spartan. So far I have the shoulderpads, biceps...
  16. Mobius1ac

    1st Build Insignias and Decals

    So I've started building my first set of H3 Mk 6 armor. Id like to start preparing for painting and need to know where decals and insignias cannonicaly go. I'm wanting to put at least a custom insignia and a Spartan number, but any other additions to make it that much closer to in universe would...
  17. WorkForLove

    Pepakura WorkForLove - Halo 3 Mk.VI

    I've done a few builds off and on over the last few years and last year when I heard about the Halo Expo coming to Houston I decided to buckle down and make a suit. Well I severely underestimated how long it was going to take making it out of fiberglass so I didn't make the cut off date for the...
  18. ButterBacon3000

    ButterBacon300's Noble Six Armor 3d Print and Foam Build

    I have been saying that I was going to start a build since October, but never got around to it until today lol. This will definitely take me longer to finish than it should because I share a printer with a friend and it's at their house, so I can't use it very often, but here goes nothing. I...
  19. D

    Foam Anyone has the files or 3d model of robert 0-25

    So I absolutely fell in love with Roberts art design but I can’t seem to find anything online, any help would be appreciated
  20. Spall

    Weathering Tutorial!

    I've gotten a few comments on my weathering and how I do it so I decided to make a small tutorial! First, some examples of my work!
  21. Punk odst

    Spartan workout plan

    Hello fellow fans! For my next build I want to really look and feel like a spartan. I haven’t seen any threads like this lately, though I didn’t look to far and I hope I’m posting this in the right place. But if any one is on here and has experience in personal, or physical training some help...
  22. pipninja

    Wife's Spartan!

    So my wife was able to make it to HOD, and she went in costume on Saturday. At the end of the weekend she said that her favorite part was being in costume and helping with the 405th. So naturally, I am going to be making a Spartan for her next year along with myself. So I brought her into...
  23. RandomRanger

    Foam Ranger's Halo: Reach Build

    I'm bored at work, waiting for my script to run so I figured I'd create this thread. I'm going to be building a Halo: Reach suit, likely using the CQB helmet and other random components that I think look cool, cause that's how I customize my character in game. Yes, I currently have 2 other...
  24. SpartanProps

    Noble six spartan p17

    Hi everybody! I thought i would post some pics of my second spartan build! I debuted it today at calgary expo. I hope you enjoy!
  25. ODST Langford


    Im making my first Spartan!. i will be updating this thread with WIP photos and i will be answering any questions you guys have about the build. you can find the files for it here Halo 5 MK6 | nikkoindustries Im printing on a Tevo Tornado at 0.2 layer height and 20% infill The Left and...