1. Harri51

    Props The big daddy SPNKr

    Hey gang, been...well FOREVER!!!! anyways I have been try to get better and work more on stuff with halo. so instead of me making a rifle 6 times and a pistol, well you get it I went right up to the big guns. I am a huge heavy weapons user in the games so I wanted my rocket launcher. Then...
  2. ComanderXXY

    Props 3D-Printable SPNKR

    I'm designing and printing a 3D-Printable SPNKR. The Base Model is already finished: It will consist of 4 main parts: For 3D-Printing I'll cut two shafts into the Case and Cover Parts, so I can lock the Magazine between with a latch: That is what I have completed already At the moment...