star wars

  1. Spartan325Orson

    Are Star Wars cosplays allowed in the 405th?

    Hey guys! New 405th member here! I was wondering if the 405th accepts Star Wars cosplays like Boba Fett or Captain Rex as an example. I want to do boba fett and if that is not acceptable, then I'll do my Spartan IV from Halo 4. Thanks guys and I await your responses! :)
  2. oollisD

    Appropriate eva foam thickness for Clone trooper

    Hello all. I've been planning on making a set of clone trooper armour from eva foam and I would just like to ask how thick should the foam pieces be? I've heard some people say 6mm but others have said 10mm. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  3. becks

    Mandalorian Pre-Beskar Build

    Just some progress pics of my Mandalorian season 1 pre-beskar build! Printed on an Ender 5. Started with the 8 piece helmet. All glued together. Started filling with wood filler - do not recommend. Sanded Smooth: Chrome painted: Didnt like the chome so went with graphite powder...
  4. SecretJedi0321

    Unfold Help Needed - Dark Trooper Helmet

    I have this Dark Trooper Helmet 3D model that needs to manually unfolded in Pepakura so it can be assembled with EVA foam. The Auto-Unfold creates some really weird shapes. I'm new to Pepakura and cosplay in general. Could I get some help? I've attached a photo below and can attach the model later.
  5. ItSpartan116

    1st Full 3D printed Spartan Armor and Custom Mandalorian Kit

    I was never able to finished my first 3d printed Spartan armor but this is a new year and I have a job that rely to but the product that I need and also I will be working on Custom Mandalorian build throughout the next year or so. My Goal is to have all of my 3d armor pieces printed before the...
  6. FalseShepherd

    Star Wars Clone Wars Armor

    So, I picked up a kyberlight saber a couple years ago. I love it. High quality components, good electronics, and large amounts of customization. One thing I have wanted to do for a while is have an excuse to carry it to a con or something in costume. I have a cheap jedi outfit that I used for...
  7. AdAstraCosplay

    KOTOR Sith Trooper Unfold for EVA

    I've started unfolding the PDO provided by bevbar (the original post and PDO can be found here) for EVA foam that I will be making once supplies come in. Meanwhile, I thought I'd start unfolding them and sharing them with you guys, since resources for this particular cosplay seem to be scarce...
  8. Sean Anwalt

    501st photoshoot (pic heavy)

    On 8-29-2020 the 501st landed some troops in the forest of central Utah. Naturally, we couldn't let THAT go unnoticed! Actually what happened was the 501st reached out and asked if we had anyone to attend a photoshoot, so here we are! This was a great opportunity to reach out and meet fellow...
  9. MoeSizzlac

    The Mandalorian

    This is the first suit where I was using a lot of other peoples designs to finish. Here's the links to all the files that I used: Helmet Forearms - Left - Right Shoulders, Hand Shields, Jetpack (There were mine) Right Leg Belt Mine Holder Detonators Cartridges Sling Rifle Clip So let's start...
  10. mblackwell1002

    Rogue One - A Star Wars Story - Tank Trooper helmet 3D model

    Ok, guys... Today is the day that you learned that I make a bunch of things when you aren't looking. Proof of concept: So yeah...a mighty fine helmet here. 3D modeled by myself, I'll be printing this off sometime soon. I'll start printing in 2 weeks at the latest. Gotta print something else...
  11. thatdamnjodie

    Republic Commando Delta 62 Build

    First non-Halo suit build attempt and I couldn't think of anything better to build than a Republic Commando. In particular, Delta-62. --- --- BUILD STATUS: Helmet: Complete Chestpiece/torso: Complete Backpack: Complete Shoulders and biceps: Complete Gauntlets: Complete Codpiece: Complete...
  12. H

    Star Wars Commander Cody Helmet Unfold HELP

    Hey! I have a Commander Cody pepakura helmet file and I'd need help getting a proper unfold. There is already an unfold provided with the file but it's not a very good one and I lack the skills to fix it myself. If you feel interested in sharing this project with me, I'll pm you the file so we...