1. AZCosplayer

    Agent Locke Armor

    Hello all! I do apologize if this is in the wrong section but years ago I bought a Mjolnir Mark VI from Halo 4 from a shop on Etsy (in the attached image I'm in the orange and black). It was a little more than $500. Now I am looking to do an Agent Locke armor. The issue is I know the armory has...
  2. Octavia92

    Help, Looking for Good Scaling Apps! (IOS)

    My laptop broke today, and I don’t have the funds to repair it. I thought that there might be apps or websites that I can use to scale pepakura on my phone, is anything like this available? By the way, I use an iPhone so I’m limited to what’s available on the on the App Store.
  3. Sarcasticheavy

    New start.

    So in my previous posts I done the helmet, but some things went wrong with my personal life and the helmet got thrown away. But new starts and all, lock down made me try again, as of now the legs and chest are done (ish). Any tips on how to make the paint job look better? Also any ideas on what...
  4. he4thbar

    Help & Suggestions for 1st Build Plz

    This was on my Build thread but I feel like with how many questions I ask on there.. It would be more fitting to make a thread dedicated to questions I have during the build process. Right now I scaled my body & armor in Armorsmith Design (6'2" 170ishLBs) Armor will be mainly 3/8th" foam, 1/2"...
  5. StarWolfStudios

    Halo Legends: Dr. Halsey (Cosplanning and Progress)

    Hey everyone! I'm very new to Halo Cosplay, so I figured I would want to start with something relatively easy and comfortable to wear. BUT, I also wanted something equally eye-catching and cool. I have heard that "soft suit" characters are rarely seen in this cosplaying community, Halsey being...
  6. RagtagVenom

    The Foam-I-est Foam to Ever Foam

    So getting back into building, I remember now that the original foam I’ve been working with; Walmart and Harbor Freight EVA; and be regarded to as, well, poop. So I’m putting out the suggestion call, what’s the spiciest foam a crafter can get their grubby mitts on and how much is it gonna...
  7. RagtagVenom

    Armor Suggestions

    Hey there, I’m trying to pool some Suggestions together for some much needed Updates to my suit. Basically the only parts I’m absolutely happy with are my Helmet, my Torso, and my boots; everything else was done in a hurry to get Con-Ready and are basically just thrown together. My question is...
  8. evasiveONE

    Aligning my silhouette cameo 3?!

    Long time lurker, first time posting. I recently bought a silhouette cameo 3 im currently testing the Master Chief MJOLNIR MK.4 HD file which comes with a silhouette ready .pdo i cant get the file or the silhouette to align correctly?!? can anyone give me any suggestions or have had this issue...