1. AnAgileKoala

    Foam blades

    I’m working on a cosplay with a sword but I made it out of Eva foam because it’s quite large(about 6ft). Does anyone have any tips on how to get it as close as possible to a fine point on the blade edges?
  2. tahu505

    Tahu fire sword build / Tahu cosplay

    Yes I'm finally living up to my name haha. So over a year ago at this point I made Toa Tahu's kanohi hau and a model of his fire sword a few months after. In a month im going to a convention so im going to try building the sword and putting everything together into a somewhat casual costume...
  3. shadowbreakre

    Kingdom Hearts - Terra's Ends Of The Earth Keyblade- 3D print build

    One of my next cosplays is Terra's armor from kingdom hearts. instead of 3D printing it like I normally do I'll be going the foam route as I don't feel the pieces are big or detailed enough to warrant printing. That said however I have Modeled and will be printing his Ends of the Earth Keyblade...
  4. tahu505

    Destiny 2 Stryker's Sure Hand 3D model

    I decided to make a 3D model of the Stryker's Sure Hand, a sword from Destiny 2. I modeled it entirely in Solidworks. I plan on eventually 3D printing and finishing it, but for now I just wanted to make the model.
  5. ReClaimer8015

    Props ReClaimers Halo Props of all kinds

    Hi there fellas! i am back again with new stuff! Neglecting old things as always... This thread is all about halo related props i come up with. Be it weapons, normal (bt overlooked) objects from the halo universe, halo themed accesoires, gimmicks, etc. I am going to start this of with an alltime...