1. Spartan Scythe

    Need a chopped-up 3D TECHNICIAN-class armor file

    Hi guys, I need a 3D file for the TECHNICIAN-class Mjolnir armor ((TECHNICIAN is also the same armor style as Spartan Tanaka from Halo 5 btw, so you can look for that)).
  2. TinyTim

    Class-61 Technician Suit by C2E2 2021

    Hey all, I'm starting a soft build in hopes of losing some weight before I build an armor kit. I found the Class-61 Armor technician's in Spartan Ops and figured they'd be a nice, socially compliant model, given the times. Wiki Pages: Class-61 Technician Civilian So...
  3. S

    Technician Chest Help

    If anyone has made the Technician Armor with Pepakura Please help!! Lol I opened the pepakura file for the chest since that is all I need right now and there are a gajillion tiny pieces, I know that I probably don’t need every little piece on this file since I am building it with foam but I have...