1. H

    Halo Spartan Cosplay Tech Suit

    I have been searching everywhere for info on how to make a realistic Spartan Tech Suit or Tech Suit in general and I cant find ANYTHING. I don't see it discussed much or I'm looking in the wrong direction. Do people just buy motorcycle suits? I'm currently working on a 3D printed Halo 5 Recon...
  2. ReClaimer8015

    Soft Parts Making detailed undersuit gloves (H5 version)

    Watching several threads i noticed that a part of the underarmor we constantly see in-game is rather less mentioned and discussed - the gloves. From what i have seen lurking around here most people go with Motorcycle/ Paintball Gloves or Tactical gloves they bought. In general you don`t see the...

    CEMETERY WIND'S mark v b undersuit

    Hello I'll just keep this short I couldn't find any files on the mark v b undersuit from Halo Reach , so I decided to take the raw file from the in game pull , and I tweaked it up and made it simple but I started working on the abdomen and gave it a few more details , I will continue to work on...
  4. Electraknite

    Soft Parts Halo Reach Noble 6 custom undersuit

    Hello, Im keeping this thread to just the undersuit. I do plan on making the armor, i just don't know how long it will take me between the two. Here is the plan.. sort of. this thing may or may not end up looking rather modified. Whats happened so far: I made the pattern. I started with...