1. jegatherdomnai

    halo plasma pistol templates

    here are some hd templates for the plasma pistol:
  2. Echo2236

    Armor tips

    What is the best adhesive for eva foam ive used hot glue but I've always wondered if there where better options especially for armor
  3. RagtagVenom

    Foam Files

    ive seen 3D print files, I’ve seen Pep files; one thing I haven’t seen all too much is Foam Files; like flies specifically for building out of foam, because if you use the pep files you end up not needing every piece and it’s really hard to make that distinction for a novice like me haha So my...
  4. T

    Cardboard armor?

    Can you make a suit of armor from cardboard, and if so are there templates for cardboard armor?
  5. C

    Bugs and Problems downloading files

    While trying to download several pepkura armor pieces, it continues to re-direct to me to a spam page and insist I download Stream-it search. I looked for a shared file area that was mentioned in another thread but I can not find it. I have pepkura downloaded, just need the files. Can...
  6. D

    Fallout: New Vegas NCR Armor Build (Help?)

    So I've been planning to build some sort of EVA foam armor for a while now, I have foam heat gun knives basically all of the tools I need but I've had trouble with a few things. 1. I couldn't decide on armor that I liked and would be easy 2. Templates are a pain to find (at least for me) 3...
  7. Noodle109

    Starting from scratch?

    Due to the lack of responses on my previous post, I'm going to try something more relevant for all categories. Where do you start if there's no templates, 3d models, or even YouTube videos on the set you plan on making? There's so many ODST, mjolnir, and recon templates floating around online...