1. TylerBH2014

    Halo 2 Master Chief Foam files. Need help finding

    Hi I am curious to know if anyone has or know how to get foam templates for the H2 Master Chief. And before anyone says to use the H3 armor, I am aware they are very similar, but they have different chest plates, and If no one can help me, its ok, I'll just tweak the H3 chest. If anyone can help...
  2. Its Hush

    1st Build Leather Armor Possible?

    Has anybody tried doing leather Halo armor? I started doing leather working about two months ago and I want to make armor, so I thought it would be cool to make leather Halo armor. The only thing is Would I stil be able to use the Same templates that would be used for Foam? Expecting the need...
  3. LD Industries

    Weapons Templates.

    Hello everybody, my name is Leo, i design Templates of weapons of Video Games, i from 405th Regiment of Mexico. Hola a todos, mi nombre es Leo, diseño plantillas de Armas de Videojuegos, soy del 405th Regimiento del México. The weapons that will be available at the moment are the Halo Saga...
  4. C

    Building with EVA Foam compared to Pepakura/Papercraft?

    Hello again 405th I still consider myself a beginner ive made afew things now and im loving the craft and community My only downside is I have used only EVA Foam so far and at first glance Pepakura looks a little complicated to use those Templates on EVA foam but im aware alot of people do...