1. Akoolpoptart

    Titanfall 2: 3D Printing/Pepakura questions

    Hello, I was recently able to acquire some of the Titanfall 2 pilot models and got the idea of adding a Holo Pilot helmet to the helmet collection I'm starting since it's been my main since I unlocked the ability. However I am very inexperienced and have almost zero knowledge on how to make...
  2. Akoolpoptart

    Titanfall 2: Holo Pilot Models?

    Hello! Has anyone had any success pulling game models from Titanfall 2? I've been looking for .obj models of the Holo pilot helmet in particular but the closest thing I found was a SFM model.

    TITANFALL 2 pepakura unfolds?

    Hey everyone, i have recently ripped a grapple pilot model from the game Titanfall 2. I have the models and i was wondering if anyone, would be willing to do a pep or foam unfold. If anyone is interested I can rip other pilot models for cosplay and post them here too. NOTE: Also in the folder...
  4. Mysterythetiger

    First time building with EVA

    Hello everyone. I'm MysterytheTiger and I've been lurking in the shadows here for quite some time looking at all your awesome builds in all these cool and exotic materials. Especially all these super cool helmets, body armour and weapons you people put together and strike me with awe and even a...
  5. imamorron

    TitanFall Jack cooper helmet build

    Hello everyone! its been a very long time since i've posted a thread on here and I'm looking to get back into armor and prop building. Recently I build on of Sean Bradley's odst helmet kits ill throw up some picture of that in another thread later. Anyways I'm looking at building a kit from...