1. Rock Lobbster

    Basic guide for selling props and files on Etsy: The Do's and Don'ts

    Etsy, its a great platform to start selling prop kits on due to the high traffic and the quick results on google however there are some major drawbacks when it comes down to the gritty details. Quick note: I've been selling props on Etsy for 2 years now and have nearly 400 sales overall. There...
  2. Supre_

    Visor Buck Creation Tutorial

    (Wanted to give something back to this community and create a tutorial on how I was able to create a visor buck which can be vacummed formed. This took a load off trial and error but this is the easiest I have found to do but anyone else who has found an easier way is more then welcome to add to...
  3. RandomRanger

    Ranger's Wiring Guide

    This guide is written for people who aren’t overly familiar with electronic stuff but still want to produce a high quality product. Supplies For all the supplies, there are many products that will work just as good, but I’ll link the ones I used for simplicity. Resistors (only need 120 ohm)...
  4. Fallen

    Foam Guide

    Contributors: RandomRanger , Fallen Introduction This is a tutorial targeted at beginners to help understand what EVA foam is, the different types of EVA foam available, how and where to buy EVA foam, and some basic tips/tricks/and tools for working with EVA foam. Index What is EVA foam? What...
  5. he4thbar

    (Tutorial)Snap Fasteners. Seamless armor to under-suit attachment, with no sewing!

    This is a tutorial on how to attach your under-suit to your armor without the use of sewing or buckles creating a seamless attachment to your armor that can also be taken off. The method I used was inspired by PaiganBoi and Sean Anwalt to attach armor to under-suit using snap fasteners. quick...
  6. Spall

    Weathering Tutorial!

    I've gotten a few comments on my weathering and how I do it so I decided to make a small tutorial! First, some examples of my work!
  7. TurboCharizard

    Armorsmith Designer Beginner's Guide

    Armorsmith Designer is one of those tools that has worked it's way so deeply into my standard workflow that I don't really start any project without at least booting the software up. This is one of the things that I recommend highly to anyone who even wants to step near a Pepakura pattern or a...
  8. Phauxelate

    Indoor Painting w/ EVA Foam?

    "Greetings, humans, and welcome to Installation 405. Ignore prior warnings, and please continue on this thread." So here the gist: I'm almost done hot-gluing my Mk. IV Spartan Armor, and it's coming high timey time to start to paintn' the pieces silly. Now, I live in the sweet, sweet college...
  9. Tetanuran

    First time spartan build, any good tutorials?

    Hi all, I'm relatively new to halo costuming, my first build was a DFT style ODST for last Katsucon. I've decided to tackle a full spartan build, specifically the classic Halo 3 Mk VI armor (partly because I already have the Rubies deluxe H3 chief helmet, which I'll just need to repaint and...