under suit

  1. MoeSizzlac

    Halo Infinite - Undersuit Armor TPU Pieces - Thoughts?

    Hello All, I'm entering the final stages of designing Halo Infinite under armor (Generic). Before I release them, what are your thoughts on the way they Look/Function. Do you have a suggestion to improve them? Grab an image and draw what you are looking for in functionality (a cut here...
  2. Haydenator

    Under Layers

    Hey everyone! Was wondering if there were anything I could wear underneath the foam bits and such to glue thing to. I was looking at morph suits or spandex suits and it seems there may be a problem in my case so any help there would be A+ and also, are there any good sewing tutorials out there...
  3. kcarl

    What is under armour?

    My son and I are creating a MarkVI costume out of pepakura designs and foam EVA. What do you use to attach the armour to? I've read of motorcycle gear, but that's way to expensive. Any other ideas would be sooooo greatly appreciated Halloween is fast approaching.! Thanks!
  4. Sean Anwalt

    Soft Parts Sean Anwalt's Reach Mk. V undersuit build

    There is a lot of very good and very hard work going on here in the soft parts section, and I'm way stoked to see what FANGS, Turbocharizard and others come up with. It's likely to blow our collective minds. But since "everyone else is doing it!" I guess I have to as well. This thread is going...
  5. TurboCharizard

    Halo Reach Spartan III Soft Parts Reference

    In the Halo Museum there's a full scale statue of each of Noble Team which is awesome. Kat and Emile are in easily accessible locations to take photos of, Carter and Jun were in a no photos allowed section unfortunately and Jorge has so much armour that it wasn't worth taking pictures of his...