1. KitKatGoose

    Detailed Reach armor + Undersuit

    Hey everyone! This will be where I post progress and details of my new Reach suit. I've created two Reach suits in the past, one for myself and one for a friend. Hopefully this one will be even better looking and better functioning. This suit will be pretty much all foam, made with pep patterns...
  2. Sean Anwalt

    Soft Parts Sean Anwalt's Reach Mk. V undersuit build

    There is a lot of very good and very hard work going on here in the soft parts section, and I'm way stoked to see what FANGS, Turbocharizard and others come up with. It's likely to blow our collective minds. But since "everyone else is doing it!" I guess I have to as well. This thread is going...
  3. phnix5888

    Hey there guys couple questions

    Hey there guys I'm getting ready to get started on my bills and I just wanted to ask a couple questions first. First off how much foam does it take in general to make a full suit? I will most likely be buying packs of harbor freight floor mats. Second does anyone still use pressure suits for...
  4. electricknite

    Reach: Noble Team Build (JUN in progress)

    (Reserved for finished pics) In depth tutorial for undersuit on page 9