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  1. ayacohen

    Halo Outpost Discovery Orlando Day 1 Vlog!

    Click the link to watch the video Hi guys! Support my small youtube channel by watching the video and please give a like and you guys can absolutely subscribe my channel for more videos! Thank you for all your support! Appreciate that a lot! Best, Leida (ayacohen)
  2. KellyKell

    Aloy Horizon Zero Dawn Spear Build

    Hey everyone!! This is going to be my first non-halo post. Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my favorite video games and Aloy is such an inspiring female role. I am cosplaying as her and have built/made 95% of my own cosplay. Here is the progress of the spear that she uses. It is made from a 2x4 that...
  3. N

    Escape Velocity, May25-27 2018 Oxon Hill, Md

    Escape Velocity is an upcoming Sci-Fi convention, which will be at the Gaylord Resort in Oxon Hill, MD. This will be our third year. Escape velocity is presented by the Museum of Science Fiction, DC, and is a non-profit orgainzation dedicated to education, and the core concept that from our...