viper armor

  1. CrimsonSpades24

    1st Build Custom Mark VII MJOLNIR | Pepakura/Foam/3d Printed - Game Hybrid

    While this isn't my first cosplay project, this is my first official build. Although I've already started, I'd like to show you all what I've done so far and where I'll be going in the future. I began by commissioning additional references for a Viper helmet redesign created by @Wernissage -...
  2. Hatchett 117

    Viper Armor Foam Template

    Hey All, I'm having a hard time finding it on here and thought I would reach out and see if anyone had any foam templates for the Viper Armor from Halo 5? It would be a HUGE help! Thanks for any help or direction you can give, and sorry for being that noob that asks you to help locate...