1. SonOfTheGun

    Need advice making one way mirrored visor

    Hey all, I am just starting on my first build and i decided to go with Emile from Reach. I am 3d printing the entire helmet other than the visor and will probably use the 3d print to make a fiberglass mold. My question begins with the visor. I am going to try and heat form acrylic sheeting...
  2. Revanchist47

    Halo 4 Mark V helmet visor help

    I'm currently working on Caboose's Halo 4 armor, and I'm curious if anyone has suggestions for the helmet visor. Most of what I see are flat screens curved to fit the helmet, but I want more of the slightly domed look from the game. I would also appreciate any suggestions for coloring/tinting...
  3. King3007

    Visor Brands?

    Where did all of you multiple suit builders out there find your visors and do you know where I could get one with that gold tint?
  4. S

    Helmet Visor Textures

    Howdy all, Maybe I'm dumb or I just couldn't find the right thread, but I haven't found any way to get the visor textures for the Halo 5 Guardian armors. I import the helmet into blender and can drag and drop the regular textures onto the helmet, but there are no visor textures in the file...
  5. Alexb240303

    Making a Helljumper Helmet and Need help on the Visor

    Hey, I'm pretty new to this site and stumbled upon it while researching good Halo props and stuff. I am making a Helljumper Helmet (basically an ODST helmet for Spartans). I am 3D printing the base of the helmet, and I am not sure what to do for the visor. I have some high-quality sheets of...
  6. TurboCharizard

    Complex Form Visors Done Cheap

    I get a lot of requests to help build helmets and because of it I wanted to develop a relatively quick and painless approach to making one-off visors that look good and don't break the bank. If everything just used a standard motorcycle visor that'd be awesome but we're not so lucky in the world...
  7. F

    Mark V Motorcylce Visor Suggestions

    Hello All!!! I am finally getting around to my caboose build and I am in need of help. I am trying to find good motorcycle visors to use for my Mark V helmet. Any ideas? Suggestions? Any help is appreciated.