1. Adeptmechanicus

    Warhammer 40k apothecary Terminator build

    Greetings to all on the 405th, I've been poking around here for awhile looking at the fantastic stuff you guys and gals make here. I recognize a few names from over on therpf site and figured I'd make a thread. This was a year and a half build that I had a blast making. He's made of EVA foam...
  2. MoeSizzlac

    Warhammer 40K - Cadian Armor - Various Set Combinations - Male/Female

    This was a request from Thingiverse user BiancaW to make some PDO files printable. Here is the Link from Thingiverse (Warhammer 40K - Cadian Armor - Various Set Combinations - Male/Female) Special thanks to Bianca for finding all the files that were originally supplied from Obscurus Crusade...