1. Rusty 714

    Yellow Hyperforce Ranger

    Hey all! I just want to say this right off the bat, I am not going to start 3d printing this stuff until I finish my halo 3 suit. I don't have access to my printer right now so I decided to start modeling my next project. It's a Power Ranger so... It's morphin time 3DVagabond! I always loved...
  2. commanderwyro

    Mark IV halo wars helmet 3d print stl?

    ive been looking everywhere and i cant find one. does anybody know where one is or could somebody with a non-free pepakura designer change the file to an STL or OBJ? would definitely appreciate it. one of the most beautiful helmets in the halo universe and i cant find a 3d printable version for...
  3. Skullboy134

    Halo Wars Mark IV Armor

    Hello! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve built a halo armor set; I think the last one was back in high school or something. If I remember correctly it was a cardboard ODST build. Anyway, I’m about to wrap up my first year in college, specifically doing traditional and Digital art for...