1. TheDarkSpartan

    Costume idea

    Back in the days when Space Travel was first started, children had costumes where they could carry cardboard versions of a spaceship. I was thinking about making a Ghost or a Warthog that someone would wear like suspenders. You'd have your Spartan, ODST, or marine outfit on then slide the...
  2. Valiant

    Looking For M12B Warthog Files!

    Hey y'all! Anyone know where I can find blueprints for the M12B Warthog? I'm working on a scale model for the release of Halo Infinite and would love to have some printed assets to refer to. Alternatively, are there folks in the community who do commissions for creating these types of assets...
  3. Ichan

    Our Warthog build (Pic Heavy)

    Well hi there guys and gals, So this here will be our Upload Thread for the Warthog Spartan083 and me built with the help of RogueCheney132. We started in august 2019 with the first parts. We got our hands on a per modified car, that has already been changed for trial-racing, so doors and all...
  4. MajWood

    Props Warthog/ghost commission

    Hey there guys, I was wanting to see who to get in touch with about getting a warthog or ghost commissioned. I'm more or less in the final stage of getting a list of street car requirements for these to be road "okay" which is a must. I'm trying to see who to get in touch with about one or the...
  5. Air Navy

    Props Warthog Build

    Well, not exactly a prop, but I don't see a 'vehicles' section. And I guess you can technically hold the steering wheel... Anyhow, started in Jan 2014 and making slow progress. I don't want to clobber the forums with pictures or broken links, but hopefully this can wet the appetite. You can...