1. T

    Props How do I weather airbrushed on detail?

    I am currently repainting my nerf MA40 to the game colours, and I am wondering how I would weather things like the yellow stripe and decals. I'm going to be airbrushing the details on with an acrylic model paint. I've done research into the topic and can't seem to find the right results...
  2. Spall

    Weathering Tutorial!

    I've gotten a few comments on my weathering and how I do it so I decided to make a small tutorial! First, some examples of my work!
  3. mawrTRON

    The mawrTRON Procedure™ - Water Based Paint Tutorial

    The weird way mawrTRON uses acrylic paints on foam Introduction: This is a comprehensive guide on how to use acrylic paints to paint/weather armour the way I do.. After using rattle cans on my first 2 suits I decided to give acrylic paints a try. A part from the low cost and low toxicity of...