1. Fisherk2

    My Halo Reach progress

    (Spanish) Hola a todos, bueno, como prometí, termine la armadura de Halo Reach que tenia planeado este año, aunque un poco tarde porque empece hace aprox. 4 meses, pero bueno, es mejor tarde que nunca. Como siempre, voy paso por paso para explicarle como lo hice...
  2. Talisker

    My first build progress! (Will update)

    So here it is my ODST progress, using whereisdanielles files as a starting point (because her work is simply legendary) This is an original idea (I think) for a military police ODST covered in shotgun shells and ready to party, I’m going to be base costing it in satin black the. Decide on a...
  3. Emp Frosty

    ODST EVA foam upgrade WIP

    Hey all I'm starting this thread to get some feedback on my WIP ODST set. I've already got one set made from EVA foam which I used the templates from Andrew DFT on youtube but I'm trying to make it look better and am using pepakure files this time around (still out of EVA of course). I'll be...
  4. Ichan

    WIP - My Masterchief MK VI build

    Hello y'all! I've seen a few post of other people sharing their builds, so here I am adding my stuff ;) I actually don't have any questions regarding this project, I just want to share it. I am making the base out of pepakura. Then I will be adding fiberglass and epoxy, to make the armor...
  5. StarWolfStudios

    Halo Legends: Dr. Halsey (Cosplanning and Progress)

    Hey everyone! I'm very new to Halo Cosplay, so I figured I would want to start with something relatively easy and comfortable to wear. BUT, I also wanted something equally eye-catching and cool. I have heard that "soft suit" characters are rarely seen in this cosplaying community, Halsey being...
  6. E

    ODST WIP - Need Help

    Hello, first post! I've recently made my first ever helmet, and attached images to this thread. I was wondering what the easiest way to fill in the cracks and make it seem smooth is? I live in the UK so any suggestions of what to buy or where to buy would be really helpful! Thanks in advance...
  7. MPlayer20

    My Halo: Reach Spartan (First costume ever)

    Greetings everyone. I will post the progress i make here and this is my first costume i make. Of course it's based of my Spartan from Halo: Reach which has ODST shoulders on both sides, UA Multi threat chest piece, ODST helmet, FJ Para knee guards and last but not least Softcase (utility) I...
  8. Psyisawesom8503

    Weta ODST build - WIP

    What's up guys! Long time no see. Remember me? haha probably not! Well during the time of inactivity I have been working on my ODST 2.0, with the WETA design. Looking at my last posts, we can see that I have scaled everything to the exact dimensions for my body. Continuing with that, I have...
  9. J

    Custom Cortana Statue WIP

    Hope this is the right forum! Anyways, I've always wanted a good quality Cortana statue, unfortunately ever since the Sideshow one got cancelled there haven't been any. The WETA statue is very nice (and expensive) and has a good concept, but I don't like the figure, it's not detailed enough for...
  10. Camper

    ODST Camper has boots on the ground.

    Hi everyone! My name's Casey but my character name is Camper. Essentially I've been working on my costume for a while its made fully from EVA foam. I will post photos of the build soon.
  11. Redheadwolf

    First Foam Build Halo 3 Mark VI

    Hello all! Just started in my first build. I've been working up to actually doing it for years and years but I was too scared. Hoping to finish by March 3rd for ECCC but I'm not too hopeful since I'll be on a trip for a week between now and then. Here's what I've got so far: Chest Forearm...
  12. nemesis2500

    Jun-A266 WIP & Augmented Reality System & AEG

    After a couple of previous threads that didn't get too far I've finally settled on an overal build and some main features to include. As the title suggests I plan on building the suit worn by Jun-A266 in halo reach. The armoured components of the suit will be 3D printed (as of yet undecided to...