1. Wesley117

    Jasman Plasma Rifle wiring

    I put batteries in my plasma rifle for the first time in a while and the rumble function wasn’t working. I carefully took it apart and was able to fix that. (On a side note, there is an old post where someone was asking how to fully disassemble the plasma rifle and they never got an answer...
  2. Steben

    Props Halo Infinite Cavallino Helmet

    Hello! I've been building Moesizzlac's Cavallino Model off of Thingiverse. I recently finished sanding it and I realized that I might want to insert a 30mm cooling fan in it. I'm trying to figure out where I should put it in the helmet and how to rig/wire it. Has anybody built and put a cooling...
  3. RandomRanger

    Ranger's Wiring Guide

    This guide is written for people who aren’t overly familiar with electronic stuff but still want to produce a high quality product. Supplies For all the supplies, there are many products that will work just as good, but I’ll link the ones I used for simplicity. Resistors (only need 120 ohm)...
  4. Rock Lobbster

    ODST Working Flip Visor

    Hey there everyone! I have been a part of the Facebook group for a while now but I have never posted here. So here is what I’m working on. It is a flip up ODST visor to show combat mode and the clear visor. I have a vacuum formed visor coming in soon (Thank you Sorren Tromp) for the outer visor...