18th Birthday Party

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Hey guys, so I'm turning 18 in December, and most likely my party will have a good 20-30 people, maybe more.

I was wondering...what would be some good themes for a guy that's turning 18 to use for the party? Since it's Winter, Beaches, and pool parties are out of the question. Most likely, the party will stay at my house. The only accessory as of now that I know I want to buy...is Tiki torches. I can DJ my own music as well, throw up a laptop with the music playing from speakers... Also the one thing I do know for sure is that it's going to be a CO-ED party, and so guys and girls will be there. No alcohol though, that's my own preference.
Should I hire a band? What should I do, I have money that I saved up for this, I probably can do anything within 300-400 bucks.

Anyone have any good ideas for a theme, or anything like that?

- Fitz
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