1st Build 1st Official ODST Build (for me)


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Hey guys. So I decided that I was going to fully commit to making my own ODST armor. This armor will be a combination of foam and 3D printing. I would like to start this build by making the torso piece first out of foam.

I am completely new to using foam so this will be interesting.
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I’m back with an update. I have all the patterns cut out! It’s not the progress I was hoping for, but between working and spending my time with the fam bam, it’s progress none the less!

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Back with an update. So being that this is my first time ever using foam, I think I did an okay job at the torso hahah! There are some flaws to it of course, but I learned a lot while cutting the templates, transferring to foam and then cutting the foam, then gluing together.

I definitely still need some work. Honestly, I’m still not very happy with how it turned out and I may end up redoing the torso. This time with a lot more patience :lol:

Anywho, I’m still working on this project so do not fret!


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