1st try pep armor

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Hello, I spent two days working on this helmet and used normal 20wt paper and I think it came out halfway decently. However I'm going to do it again and use the 110wt card stock I bought and try to get the scale a little better, Please tell me what you think.
I also wanted to throw this out there as I was wondering about it. Could I use Kevlar strips in place of the fiberglass mat(providing I could get it) and if not would it take a paintball hit (I would make two, one to beat on and another for show.
Thanks in advance you guys have a great forum here.
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Your helmet looks great for beginner, you have arms growing from the right place.
Always add the visor or else the top will fall down and slant when resining.

Also, if your buying 110lb cardstock, use FS's model, his is aweeesssoooome and smooth.
Does anyone know where I can get A4 sized paper in 110wt, because its a PITA to rearrange the pieces to fit on letter sized paper(as I am sure you all know).

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Sandler said:
update......well I got 4 helmets done (only 3 matter) tell me what you think

Look's Like we have another girl on our forums! (unless boys started doing theyre eyelashes...)

And they look good, Keep it up... Now comes the important part wich can screw everything up... resin.

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thanks....im working on the chest piece now. I'm going to make 2-3 different fronts for it too.

on a side note resin is friggin expensive
AoBfrost said:
Polyester fiberglass resin cost 12-14 dollars, not cheap, but not expensive.
yea the smallest can......lol the big one was 35 bucks
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update.....I got the EOD helm resin'd with one coat. Damn me for not adding a little more hardener, but the 3 spotlights I have on it should fix that problem. Anyways heres 2 pictures
Quick question here, how tightly is all the armor supposed to fit to your body? Also due to my stupidity, all helmets i have made have to be scrapped as they are too small($*#$!!!!!!!)
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