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mmk, wal-mart and meijers employees both have assured me that neither sell web straps or plastic buckles....

1st question, know of a place to buy them? (im in kentucky if that helps?)

2nd question, if i go ahead and paint my pepakura armor (to have it ready for launch) can i go back later with bondo to do more detailing OVER the paint already on there, then re-paint it? (with another primer coat, or course :] )

EDIT: im looking for straps&buckles like the ones over at wester field, but i dont want rivets, and their stuff wouldn't come in time for launch.
I seldom take deptartment store employee's at their word... 9 out of ten times I find what they've 'never heard of', usualy within sight of where they are... If they have a basic Coleman 'camping/outdoor' section, they almost always have 1" X 6' black webbing with cinch buckles, & 1" buckle 'repair' 2-packs. You can also find 1" webbing in most automotive sections, with the tie-downs. It p[ays to check auto supply places like Shucks & NAPA as well.

If you need to quickly order some online, www.joann.com & www.seattlefabrics.com both are excellent.


if bondo is like the filler we have over here you should be able to apply it directly over the paint but i would advis sanding the area with a bits rough sand paper first to give it extra grip.
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