2010 Secret Santa Gift Exchange


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Hey Folks!

With Halloween over, the Holiday season is upon us and to celebrate I would like to run a Secret Santa Gift Exchange. No matter what you celebrate at this time of year you're welcome to join us in the spirit of giving! Anyone who wishes to join must let me know by NOVEMBER 15th so that I can get everyone matched so that they can get their gifts out in time. This was copied from the RPF with edits made so it would make it easier than typing this all out.

Here are the rules:

1. There are no requirements to join this gift exchange. Any member of the 405th may participate. HOWEVER, by joining you are agreeing to both give and receive a gift. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to send your gift please let me know immediately so that I can arrange a work around.

2. When you sign up you must state whether you wish to ship domestically or internationally. In your post you're also free to include your interests and a wish list to help your gift giver with ideas.

3. Although there is no limit to the cost of gift you are encouraged to keep your gifts at about the $20 dollar range. Creativity will undoubtedly be appreciated by your recipient! Something handmade with $20 worth of materials can be worth more than spending $100 at a store.

4. I will keep a list of names updated on this thread - please PM me if you are interested and include your address in the PM - When I draw names I will send the Secret Santa his or her recipient's details. The person you send a gift to will not necessarily be the person that sends you a gift.

5. Once you have shipped your gift let me know via PM with a tracking number if possible so I can keep track of who's being naughty and nice. If your gift will be delayed let me know as well so that I can inform your recipient. Also when you receive your gift please post and let us all know it arrived!

6. Although this is a Secret Santa you are more than welcome to let your recipient know who you are if you'd like to.

7. By no means whatsoever the gift you recieve is not to be opened until Christmas Day

8. If you have something you are into such as Star Wars, Halo, etc., etc. you can say that you are into that sort of thing so it gives the person a suggestion for what to send.

If you are worried about sending me your address don't worry it will be kept secret and only given to the person that will be sending your gift.

1. Nintendude - International and Domestic - Have Address
2. Rhinoc - Domestic - Have Address
3. Spartan-087 - Domestic - Have Address
4. TMcCarty23 - Domestic - Have Address
5. Tsau-Mia - Domestic - Have Address
6. Sirnaut - Domestic - Have Address
7. Charlieiscool12 - Domestic - Have Address
8. Ventrue - International and Domestic - Have Address
9. ACDCRockr209 - Domestic - Have Address
10. JBetts97 - Domestic - Have Address
11. Bobbio555 - Domestic - Have Address
12. XBeaver Feaver - Domestic and International - Have Address.
More numbers will be added in the future for people to be added.


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That sounds fun! Sign me up!

I'm really interested in all things Halo and Predator. (armor and action figs alike... mostly armor though...)

I'll only do domestic.

tsau mia

Sorry, I can't edit my post for some reason. I'm domestic, female (might be relevant) and I like art, Halo, Gears of War, COD and Army of Two. Basically first person shooters that aren't Kane and Lynch. I also enjoy building costumes!
Im in. I have a few things in mind that I can give. i think you have my address, but I can PM it to you if you need it.
domestic only. interested in armor mostly


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I would like to participate as well.

Shipping: To sum it up: I can ship internationally, should it be neccessary, but I would strongly prefer shipping inside the EU.

If somebody from the US were to gift me, I'd love to have one sheet of "110 lbs paper", just for comparison with my own.
Aside from that, I love movies (anything but horror), I'm obviously into armour building (you can never have enough hand tools and Dremel bits!) and my place doesn't have a single poster on its walls (just an idea, might be shippable as a letter and thus cheaper).


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Sign me up! Once I find out who he/she is, I'm going to have to be a sneaky, gift giving ninja.

Lol, only $20 bucks? I guess driving an M1 Abrams Tank to school is out of the question?

Hmmm, I don't have a wishlist. I have been having my sights on a U.S. Copy of the PC Game, "Order of War", though, if that helps.

I don't know if you have my address, dude. Let me know if you don't have it so I can send it to you Via E-mail, or PM.

I only ship domestic.



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ACDCRockr got you added, and RPF there's still a lot of time left before X-Mas I know I set the deadline at the middle of this month so I could get all the names done but I can extend the date a little further.