2016 Events


Hey all, I stole this idea from Pac Reg I just wanted to get some of the local conventions on the calendar and get a feel for attendance. Please post a comment of any of the conventions that I missed.

Salt Lake Comic con

March 24th -26th
Salt Lake city Utah
Point of contact: NA

Cheyenne Comic con
May 13th -15th
Cheyenne WY
Point of contact: NA

Denver Comic Con
June 17th-19th
Denver Colorado
Point of contact:SwedishNinja
Attendees suited: SwedishNinja H3 Chief, Twisting Neather H5 Chief, DragonMaster Buck
Attendees unarmored: Yortstorm
I am in the process of seeing if DCC wants us to setup a booth on behalf of the 405th. If they want us I need to see if we have enough participants to make it worth it and to man the booth.

March 11th-13th
DIA Denver Colorado
Point of contact:

Thats it for now. Please let me know what I missed as I do not really follow the con circuit outside of Colorado.

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i will try my best to turn up at DCC... Armour hasnt even been started, sadly... Working minimum wage and school dont make alot of the greens we all love....


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Salt Lake City will holding their second event in September. I'm not sure on the exact day but I will find out. My family and I will be there for sure. My son is going to be a H3 chief mark 6, I will be the H3 hunter, the wife is going as Marvel's wasp, and my daughter is undecided. But we will be there, so I would love to meet as many of the 405th as possible.