2019 Con Calendar


405th Regiment Officer
Dear 405th Members,

as some of you may know, we like to go to Cons and do meet ups.

Here you'll find the dates of the Cons where the 405th European Regiment will have a meet up or booth planned:

23.02 - 24.02.19, Münster (DE)
EpicCon Website

SciFi World
30. - 31.03, Malmö (SE)
SciFi World Website

Austria Comic Con
14 & 15.04.2019, Wels (CH)
Austria Comic Con – Austria Comic Convention

Comic Con Expo
27. - 30.06.19, Cologne (DE)
CCXP Website

El Mundo Fantasia
06.-07.07.19, Themepark Mondo Verde, Landgraaf (NL)
El Mundo Website

Cristopher-Street-Day Parade
13.07.19, Munich (DE)

10.08 - 11.08.19, Dortmund (DE)
DoCon Website

SciFi Days, Botanika
17.+ 18.08.19, Bremen (DE)
Botanika Website

Gamescom / Xbox FanFest
20.08 - 24.08.19, Cologne (DE)
GamesCom Website

Film & Comic Con Offenburg
12.10 - 13.10.19, Offenburg (DE)
F&CC Website

Vienna Comic Con
23.11 - 24.11.19, Vienna (A)
VieCC Website

Also check this List in the forum for more events: European Cons 2019

We will update it regulary so changes can happen. You can check our Fabebook Page for updates as well.
If you have an event that should be added to the list, feel free to drop me a PM.
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405th Regiment Officer
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Send it to me......I'll run through it and post on the Australian Cons List.


405th Regiment Officer
What day are we gonna meet up on gamescom? i'm going saturday ;)
We don't have a fixed date yet. It depends on the shedule when everyone's gonna be there and what other plans we might have (Xbox Fanfest, ect). We will set a date if we have all those information :)