2019 Con Report - 405th European Regiment

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405th Regiment Officer
Dear 405th Members,

as you might know, we sometimes have the oppertunity to bring the European Regiment to a Convention and fill a booth with all our armors, props and general awesomeness.

Of course we want to share our experience with all of you, so this thread is dedicated to Con Reviews and Pictures. We hope you enjoy.

To start this thread of, we have our Review of 2018, so you can see what we did the previous Year.

Also: Check out out 2019 Con Calendar to discover, what cons we'll represent the 405th European Regiment.

If you want to participate, or have an Convention, you want us to be at, feel free to contact 247District or TheCostumeGeek for further information.
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Con Report: Epic Con Münster

On Feb. 23rd & 24th our Regiment had a booth representing the 405th at EpicCon in Münster.
This is a medium sized convention in Central Germany that attracts a lot of visitor from all around
the country and even the Netherlands each year. It was our 3rd year at this Con and our 2nd year
there with a booth.

At this con we deputed quite a lot of things that made many visitors stop by and have a chat or
spend some time with us. First of all was the awesome Target Practice Range that Masky already
showed off in his
post about how he made it. We had visitors take a shooting training with Boomco
Blasters and when they hit 3 targets before their time was up, they could go to our crafting station
where TheCostumeGeek and ZenCos were showing how they casted Halo-Pins and choose one
pin and take it home. This was a great addition to the booth because people saw other con-goers
shoot at the target practice, got curious and approached us and after they learned that they can even
win some small token everybody wanted to test their skills.

Secondly Sulimir brought his modded car to the convention and many visitors stopped by to have
a look at it, take some photos and ask questions about it. The members also enjoyed it a lot because
we could interact with it, stand on the ramp and man the turret and take awesome pictures.

Of course we also had our backdrop with us for photos, a lot of great props that our talented mebers
made and brought for display and we also had our xBox One with us to have the gaming corner up
for visitors.

For us the con was a great success and everybody had a lot of fun representing our favourite
costuming group ;) For future conventions we plan to expand on the idea of having visitors go
through a miniature Spartan Programm to provide a more engaging environment.

_MG_6667.jpg IMG_8135.JPG IMG_8004.JPG IMG_20190223_100953.jpg IMG_8192.JPG IMG_8199.JPG
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Con Report
El Mundo Fantasia July 6th & 7th 2019

We got invited to the El Mundo Fantasia in the Neatherlands and had there a nice small booth. The event took place outside in Mondo Verde, a huge zoolike park with much space and many different locations, perfect for shootings.

Due to some miscommunication within the El Mundo Team had to move our stuff like 3 times and other stuff happened, but finally we had a table with a kind of a roof to protect us from the sun. And a table where people actually saw us!

We were only like three to four people holding our booth, so we didn’t had that much time to enjoy the whole park. But still we had much fun!

The weather was great and the most people were amazed by Jordi’s Halo board game “Fleet Battles: Fall of Reach” which he was playing with SiTechKeyse. Thanks to all those tiny spaceships.
Some of the visitors got very nostalgic about our cosplays, approaching our booth while playing/singing Halo themes :D

Overall we had a super nice weekend, even if we were just a handful of props and stuff to show, a bunch of Marines, the Master Chief and Cortana (the alien mermaid princess according to some kids :D)

We hope we can return next year with some more members!

And here some photos:

29447750-6064-4E3F-8A6C-9EB50E814873.jpeg AF68C4E4-1B9C-4A14-A64D-288566EDF4DD.jpeg ED0828CF-AD77-4730-8E51-F734F4B8F47E.jpeg 48A64054-87FE-4F24-BC34-CF2684EFA8B9.jpeg 8A28F7DB-11B2-44F5-8AFF-5CC126E12890.jpeg D949BC88-2DD3-41AF-89DB-3715C75979E0.jpeg 54F7DE1A-A463-4F88-83F4-5D97BAEF93B5.jpeg 0AC311E8-E42A-4D55-BAD3-313F2BD9EF91.jpeg
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