2021 Cons List


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Well guys.....as the Corona Virus has effectively destroyed this years con events, I'm hoping 2021 will be a better year. Many of us missed our recurring cons and some missed the ones they really wanted to go to (Dragon Con for me). And as seeing as I have some time on my hands.....I will endeavor to get 2021s list up ASAP.... provided they have anything posted yet. As I am no longer with my old company, Century 21 Department Stores, (yes I can say it now w/o reprisals seeing as how much time I spent on here than at actual work....) I lost a few of the links I had for listings of ALL Cons....I just sift through them, pull out ones that pertain to us (and others) and sort by Regiment. It might take my brain awhile to remember how to get back there.......but the list will be back just as strong as ever....don't you fear.