2023 Cons List

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Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages........its that time of year again!!! And this time I'm starting early and not waiting for the February rush to get the list up....I have to say that the initial glance at the upcoming lists that will be posted will be exciting!!! better than last years and I'm also seeing the return of a few that were thought to be dead, never to return.....RESURRECTION POWERS ACTIVATE!!!!

On a side note, now that I'm my own boss (don't tell the wife I said that), I'm hoping to get to a few extra cons this year. Daughter was looking forward to getting back to Katsucon this passed year but our timing was a bit off and couldn't make it. Whole family was actually planing on coming but things happened....as they generally do. Lets all hope for a better year this time round than the one before.

Another side note, I'm a lucky guy. Have a neighbor who was getting rid of some things from the basement......


Enough EVA mats for at least 5 individual builds!!!!! Somewhere in the 70ish mats range.....all in serviceable condition. Not a bad way to start (Pre-start) the new year.

Ok enough nonsense. Back to business. If at any time you hear about a con that isn't listed, let me know so I can put it on said list. Even the Furry ones....:cautious:Good luck and happy building. So be on the lookout for you Regiments cons list in the next few days.
Good Sunday to you you all. You may have noticed that the cons list is not yet complete….very good reason for that. Recently had a flood in my basement and 1/2 of the entire basement is GONE!!!! It’s been a terrible few days, and unfortunately my primary mode of information posting was destroyed. Lost mine and my daughters computer along with 2 printers (one of which can take 110lb paper) a slew of JBL speakers, many of my daughters artworks, 1 couch, my favorite ottoman, my work table, the rug, 2 feet of the basement wall all around ( which I put up myself) and 1 box of irreplaceable comic books from the 1970s valued in the few thousands. That hurt the most.
That being said, it’s going to be a bit till I get myself set back up and posting again. I can post on my phone, but doing what I do for the lists….can’t do it on my phone….so please bear with me.
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