2D Con Minnesota 2021 info: Aug 27-29


Hey everyone!

Been ages since I’ve posted, or even been on here for that matter. So I figured, what better way to return than with a Roll Call for 2D Con in Minneapolis, MN Aug 27-29th!

2D Con is a small-ish convention bringing together video and tabletop gamers of all generations. They have console back to Atari (if not mistaken) and then up to Xbox one. Tabletop games galore as well.

They will have some tournaments, open play, arcade style. You name it!

I am looking to be there at least one day, not sure about all, wearing my ODST Spartan (reach style) and would love to have others squad up with me. Photoshoot possibility, gaming in armor, and of course establishing 405th presence.

Music guests and guests can be found at the 2D Con website. Cosplay guests include Kikicraft, justgodlyenough and Mixercosplay.

Hyatt Regency Minneapolis
Aug 27-29th, 2021

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